Why Dead Not Yet?


Dead Not Yet was sup­posed to be Not Dead Yet. Between the time of check­ing the url’s avail­abil­ity and select­ing it – it was gone. Story of my life. Some­where between fin­ish­ing school and this blog, a large part of my life – like the url I wanted – was just … gone!

Where once I felt that I was cool, hip, and the cen­tre of not just my uni­verse, but every­one else’s too, I was now start­ing to feel irrel­e­vant. Of course, my 15-year-old son has been drop­ping hints that I wasn’t nearly as cool as I thought for quite some time now. kids will keep you honest.

Over the past decade I’ve gone through two down­siz­ings and left one com­pany for what I thought would be a bet­ter oppor­tu­nity that only wound up being a dis­as­ter. After each “exit” I found myself in an econ­omy that was a lit­tle worse than the last time and where employ­ment was scarce to non-existent.

My name is Suzanne Schofield and I’m DNY.  I am a mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­fes­sional (albeit an unem­ployed one in a vast sea of unem­ployed mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­fes­sion­als). This is a sec­ond career for me. Pre­vi­ously I was a work­ing actress and model – more on that in sub­se­quent posts. Knock on wood, I’ve got more than a few more years left and a lot to con­tribute. So what does an unem­ployed mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions pro­fes­sional (for­mer actress/model) do in a sour econ­omy? Among other things, she starts her own blog…of course. I’d been think­ing about this blog for a while and then I came across Stephanie Dolgoff’s book My For­merly Hot Life: Dis­patches from Just the Other Side of Young and real­ized I wasn’t alone. Dol­goff has also got her own blog at http://www.formerlyhot.com/ - check it out.

So back to the url dilemma. If I couldn’t have Not Dead Yet what about if I put a lit­tle Yoda-esque spin on it? I thought what about Dead Not Yet – nah, that’s kinda reach­ing. But I said it again; and then again; and found I actu­ally liked the sound of it bet­ter than the original.

So there you have it. Dead Not Yet is born –  an oxymoron?

Dead Not Yet is intended to be a resis­tance move­ment of sorts. Resist­ing irrel­e­vance, that is – about fac­ing our chal­lenges and find­ing the courage to laugh at our­selves. I want to look at things we took for granted in our “younger years” that have now become a chal­lenge – every­thing from “putting on eye makeup when you can’t see so well any­more” – to being the recip­i­ent of… “thank you for com­ing in for the inter­view but you’re not quite the right fit.” It’s pre­dom­i­nantly a female point of view — it has to be, I’m female.  Dead Not Yet is meant to res­onate with women – what­ever your age, because you’re all going to arrive here sooner or later. And, not to neglect you men out there, you may actu­ally find this blog gives you a glimpse into the lives of some of the women you care about.

In any case, if you’re lis­ten­ing – Hey! Dead Not Yet over here – how about you?


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